Year: 2019

12 things to understand about Technology … Tech like we’ve never explained to you

Anil Dash, VC and serial Entrepreneur is one of the finest and least complacent observers of the tech world and Silicon Valley. In a recent post, he reveals 12 inspiring, counterintuitive and sometimes disturbing truths about technology. Synthesis and perspectives: 1- Technology is not neutral Creator values are deeply embedded in Apps and buttons. When […]

Military Training Technology Online Archives

Kerrigan Media International and Military Training Technology are glad to report the 2005 MT2 Top 100. The Top 100 is a posting of organizations that have had a noteworthy effect in the military preparing industry this financial year—regardless of whether in live, virtual or productive reenactment, preparing or instruction. Military Training Technology welcomed very nearly […]

Individual’s Quest for His Individual Interest and in the Equal Expression of His Struggle for Conservation

Its uniformity lies in the individual’s quest for his individual interest and in the equal expression of his struggle for conservation. The members of the mass are individuals. but they are easily redirected against weaker competitors and against the most obviously foreign individuals (Jews, foreigners and national minorities). The mass does not claim a new […]

The Individual and Mass Are Contradictory Terms Conceptually and Empirically Incompatible

It seems at first obvious first that the individual and mass are contradictory terms conceptually and empirically incompatible. The crowd “is certainly composed of individuals, but of individuals who cease to be isolated, who cease to think. Isolated individuals in a crowd can not help thinking, criticizing emotions. The others, on the other hand, stop […]

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