Month: February 2019

The Individual and Mass Are Contradictory Terms Conceptually and Empirically Incompatible

It seems at first obvious first that the individual and mass are contradictory terms conceptually and empirically incompatible. The crowd “is certainly composed of individuals, but of individuals who cease to be isolated, who cease to think. Isolated individuals in a crowd can not help thinking, criticizing emotions. The others, on the other hand, stop […]

The Growing Power of the Device is Not the Only Responsible Influence

However, the growing power of the device is not the only responsible influence. The incorporation of a large section of the opposition into the apparatus (while retaining the title of opposition) has also long contributed to render critical rationality ineffective socially. The history of this process is well known and perfectly illustrated by the development […]

Mechanisms of Technological Rationality Extend to the Whole Society

The notion of docile efficiency perfectly illustrates the technological rationality structure. Rational thinking is being transformed from a critical force into a force of adjustment and conformity. The autonomy of reason loses its meaning to the same extent that the thoughts, emotions and actions of men are shaped by the technical requirements of a device […]

Improving the Organization and Management of Extension

The free economic subject has rather become the object of a large-scale organization and coordination. Individual achievement has been transformed into standardized performance, with motivations, guidance, and evaluation of the individual’s action being defined by predetermined tasks and functions external to him. The effective individual is one whose action is the adequate response to the […]

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