Do I have to replace my ISDN exchange now?


In this article we explain what is changing and why. You will discover whether you need to replace your ISDN exchange and what alternatives there are for your current ISDN line.

ISDN will end on September 1, 2019

In the 1990s, many people took an ISDN telephone line. Unlike an analog connection, it made it possible to make calls and use the internet at the same time. Since you can connect multiple telephones to such a line, this was also a popular choice for many companies.

And if something works, there is no need to change it, right? Never change a winning team. No wonder you still enjoy the benefits of such an ISDN connection. However, the ISDN chapter will end soon: after 1 September 2019, VOIPO‘s ISDN lines will no longer be accessible.

Why VOIPO stops using ISDN:

“We are constantly modernizing our telephone networks,” writes VOIPO on its own website. “It was therefore decided to phase out […] ISDN1 and […] ISDN2 as of 1 September 2020.”

The main reason for phasing out ISDN is that more and more people are using the internet via a powerful ADSL or cable connection. A connection that also paves the way for Internet calling: VoIP. As a result, maintenance on the ISDN lines has become too expensive.

VoIP phone service or Voip calling is cheap or sometimes even completely free, which makes it logical that more and more individuals and companies are switching to it. Also, the sound quality on both sides of the line is unparalleled – wherever the callers are in the world.

VoIP: the successor to ISDN:

VOIPO customers who currently still use an ISDN connection must therefore find an alternative in time. And that replacement is VoIP. It is estimated that VoIP will grow 30% per year within companies.

You can just keep your current number. What is changing is that the calls come in ‘in the cloud’, from where they are transferred to your current or new phones. A physical telephone exchange is no longer necessary, because all functionalities of such a telephone exchange can now be operated via your computer or smartphone.

Example: You have a local telephone number via ISDN that you want to transfer to VoIP. Your VoIP number transfers callers to your mobile phone. What is also possible is to record conversations via a piece of software (similar to Skype) on your computer.

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