How to Track a Phone Voice Call Remotely?


Phone calls are considered one of the best ways to know about anyone’s secret doings. Kids plan with their friends their secret acts, similarly, workers share their business and other activities with their colleagues on calls. So, a guardian and employer can know about their kid or worker secret things, which can affect them as well.

You are in the right place, where you will get to know about the smartest surveillance voice tracking app. nowadays, you can easily find multiple spy applications. But to pick the high result-oriented one is pretty daunting. 

After researching spy technology, we find out that TheOneSpy is the only genuine and efficient app that provides particular features to track a phone voice calls. Let’s put a deep eye on TOS and its working. 

“TheOneSpy” Best Call Tracker App for Android Phones 

Among other top tracking apps, TheOneSpy is the leading smartphone tracking app. Its brilliant phone tracking features provide all phone tracking results that a user requires. It helps the user to listen to live calls and record all incoming and outgoing calls that are taking place over the targeted phone. Moreover, the user can use the history button to keep track of all call’s history. All dialled, missed calls and blocked calls record automatically transfers to the user’s cloud account. This incredible feature remains very useful, as whenever the user wants, he/she can track other personal activities. 

TOS phone call tracker app is available at very market competitive rates. Whether you are a middle-class parent or start-up business owner/employer, you can easily afford this app and get excellent results. 

“TheOneSpy” Brilliant Voice Call Tracker

Here, we have to shed light on the features of this spying technique. Therefore, you may have a better understanding of usage. It performs four major functions, and each completes several tasks. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the functions.

Listen to live and recorded phone calls

TOS hidden voice call tracker wisely spies on the targeted persons’ calls activities. It monitors all the outgoing and incoming calls. Then, no matter, either call activity performed with an already saved or unknown number. 

Upon activating the live call listening feature, the user can listen to all phone calls live. After that, the user can be aware of their dear ones or employees’ whereabouts. Or if any of them are going to be involved in any harmful activity, so the spy app user can prevent or protect without any delay.

Restrict the inappropriate Calls

Usually, it happens that someone starts stalking us or irritates us through calls. Maybe your kid or worker is facing such a situation. You can get them rid of it with the help of TheOneSpy voice call tracker. 

To figure out the inappropriate calls, the user needs to go through all incoming and outgoing calls. Maybe someone is threatening your kid or abusing him/her on call. Or maybe your business competitor threatens your employee for receiving business confidential information. So, you can timely track them and block the harmful person contact number remotely. 

Spy on VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Call Logs

With this rich call tracking tool, the user can spy on all installed applications by the targeted person. It includes social media apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Messenger, and Line. This app keeps the record of all outgoing calls and received calls by the user. You can get these call data with a complete time stamp.

Track Call History with Exact Location

Suppose an employee who is cheating the business, will not feel comfortable calling inside the office. He/she may go outside and call a competitor or any harmful person. So, TOS makes it possible for you to discover a complete call tracking record with exact location, date and time. 

Final Thought

There are abundant tracking applications in the market, but TheOneSpy provides the perfect solution to track a phone’s calls. Its brilliant surveillance features keep an in-depth record of a single call like its outgoing, incoming time, duration, date, and recorded calls as well. This feature 100% works in stealth mode where the targeted person cannot get a single clue about being tracked.

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