Kate Middleton: The causes of the nurse’s suicide revealed


Jacintha Saldanha was buried in southwest India on Monday, 17 December , in the presence of her husband and two children, her 16 – year – old son and 14 – year – old daughter. The nurse, duped by the hoax of an Australian radio station that had called to get news of Kate Middleton, hospitalized for violent nausea related to her pregnancy, committed suicide by hanging. If the presenters of this radio station explained themselves on television on their approach, visibly moved , the veil gradually rises on the circumstances of the death of the nurse of Indian origin.
Before ending his life, Jacintha Saldanha, 46, wrote three letters to explain his actions to his family . The one who had transmitted the call of the radio presenters to the service where the Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalized without suspecting the joke, would have expressed her anger in these writings. The nurse was angry with Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the two radio hosts, according to the Daily Mail . And the attitude of some colleagues after the phone joke could also be involved. But the hoax would not be the only reason for his suicide.
According to the English-language media, Jacintha Saldanha was also involved in a long-standing conflict with a colleague. The hospital has also decided to separate the two women, scrambled for several weeks, in different teams. The nurse who committed suicide would have been disappointed and unhappy about this situation, according to a relative quoted by the Daily Mail. The forty-year-old would have regretted the lack of firmness of the establishment in this case. In one of his letters, Jacintha Saldanha reportedly pointed to the role of two people in King Edward VII Hospital.
VIDEO – The nurse’s children said they were “broken” during a mass given Saturday in London in honor of their deceased mother.

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