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Welcome to the world of Social Media. Here we are living among Snapchats filters, Instagram followers, and get the popularity with viral tweet and retweets rate. Either you know about this world and are rocking it or you don’t even know about them, there is no gray area. Am talking about the younger generation who is the most excessive user of social media and is considered as a social media maniac. 

They have to upload and share every minor detail of their life on social media accounts and update the online friends and sometimes strangers with any life event. This tech-savvy generation shares the moments as minors as some happening in the classroom or any driving snapshot etc. You can expect anything. Now about the other party who does not know about this world, they remain suspended and curious about all the events. Most of these people want to know about all social media when their children reach the age of teens and are now obsessed users.

So for all those parents who do not know the basic drill but want to follow the Instagram account of the teen or want to know about twitter handle we have a solution for you. Instead of remaining in chaos and frustrated state, we can provide you the solution by which you will have complete knowledge of every social media activity of the target person for example your teen kid. The solution is having a monitoring software like The OgyMogy. The OgyMogy monitoring software can give you remote access to all the minor and major details of the social media life of your teenager. Thus keep yourself in the loop and know about the latest trends and events with OgyMogy monitoring software.

Facebook Spy App:

Facebook is widely used all over the world as one of the most common social media platforms. It is used for entertainment,  live coverage source, social media marketing and many other purposes. OgyMogy offers a FaceBook spy app that allows the user to remotely access the Facebook account of the target person. It offers access to the timeline of the target person’s Facebook account at any time. Users can read the text messages, chat, and comment section as well as can know about the voice book details as well. The Facebook spy app of OgyMogy is an excellent feature for parents of a teenager who want to keep an eye on the timeline of their teen kids. 

WhatsApp Spy App:

WhatsApp spy app is another social media spy app offered by The OgyMogy. It allows the user to have access to the chat messages, group messages, and audio and video call details as well.  Parents can know what kind of media content is shared through WhatsApp by using the WhatsApp spy app of  OgyMogy.

Instagram Spy App:

Instagram spy app allows the user to have access to the newsfeed and inbox and audio recording as well. So make sure your kid is not sharing private information with the public by keeping a check on them with the Instagram spy app of OgyMogy. You can keep an eye on the employee’s timeline and social media activities during the official hours and take strict action as the OgyMogy spy app records activities with a timestamp.

Spy On Snapchat:

Snapchat is another common social media tool used by the younger generation. It is used to share media in the form of image or video etc with all the text and captions. The media shared through Snapchat can disappear within seconds but OgyMogy saves the target’s media for the users. User has access to all the activities of the Snapchat even if it disappears from the platform. 

OgyMogy offers bundle packages that contain different features. You can select the package deal that contains most of your desired and demanded needs. Moreover, OgyMogy provides different versions thus users can monitor the target person through the smartphone as well as a laptop or tablet.  The Android version of the OgyMogy spy app can be used for smartphone monitoring whereas the Mac or Windows user can use the Mac and Windows version of the OgyMogy spy app to keep an eye on the laptop and tablets of the target user.

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