12 things to understand about Technology … Tech like we’ve never explained to you


Anil Dash, VC and serial Entrepreneur is one of the finest and least complacent observers of the tech world and Silicon Valley. In a recent post, he reveals 12 inspiring, counterintuitive and sometimes disturbing truths about technology.
Synthesis and perspectives:
1- Technology is not neutral
Creator values are deeply embedded in Apps and buttons. When a software developer decides to make you reachable by your boss at any time, he changes your behavior and he changes your life …
2- Technology is not inevitable
Any technology is the result of arbitration between design and security, efficiency or privacy. Like biological advances in the real world, they produce all kinds of side effects and dead ends that were not originally planned.
3- Most people in technology want to do good
The people who create the technology are not “bad”.
4- The history of technology is poorly documented and poorly understood
The narrative of inevitable and linear progress is false. It is difficult to trace why some technologies have flourished while others – though promising – have disappeared. It is also common to note that recent technological stories have been completely forgotten.
5- Most technological education does not include ethical training?
In the majority of cases, technology education and continuing training consists mainly of acquiring new technical and unethical capabilities. Developers and engineers need to become more educated in terms of ethics if they want to retain public support.
6- Technology is often built in complete ignorance of its users
The creators of techno are not infallible yet they are and increasingly considered as authorities in terms of work, media, transport, urban planning and politics … S
“Knowing how to make an iPhone Apps does not make you an expert in other industries.”
The most conscientious creators must engage the communities they are supposed to disrupt. The tragedy of today is that often, technology creators have enough means or funds to unbalance an entire ecosystem.
7- There is not only one “genius” at the base of any new technology
The moment “Eureka” as the isolated creator are often myths maintained by the media. Any significant breakthrough is often preceded by thousands of people trying to come to a solution.
8- Most of the technology does not come from startups
15% of programmers work in startups. Defining technology standards solely through the culture of the last major media startups is a distortion.
Many technological talents ultimately prefer the culture of smaller or less well-known shops or companies than the titans of the Tech erected models.
9- Most Technological giants make their money in two or three ways
Advertising for Google and Facebook, companies for Microsoft, SalesForce and Oracle, consumer consumers for Apple.
10- The Big Tech model is distorting the technological model
The “Big Tech” model goes through the following steps:
– Raise a lot of money from VC
– Build a massive audience by spending a lot of these funds
– Find a way to turn this audience into a hyper profitable business to give investors a big return on investment
– Fight fiercely or buy other competitors in the sector
The problem: these new economic and behavioral models give diminished responsibility to the markets it penetrates because it aims to satisfy investors before the affected communities.
It also makes these new giants difficult to compete with …
11- Technology is as much fashion as functionality
In Tech teams, methodologies and managers favor both fashionable languages and their real utility. Often, the use of a “new” or more complex technology does not guarantee a better end product …
12- No Institution Has the Power to Curb Technological Abuses
In contrast to other industries where media attention triggers the attention of lawmakers, government and institutions, big tech has long enjoyed a complacent silence.
On the other hand, political staff is often largely ignorant of technology and its implications. As a result, he does not know where to place the cursor in terms of legal liability and allows Big Techs to thrive in a largely deregulated market while the consequences of technology are imposed on all.
Even traditional activism like demonstrations and boycotts is proving powerless …
This lack of accountability mechanisms is one of the biggest challenge of technology today …

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