Shooting in Ollioules: 3 dead, what do we know about the two wanted suspects?


A shooting broke out in a gas station in Ollioules, near Toulon, in the Var, Sunday, July 28, 2019 in the evening. Three people died and another was injured.
The first two victims are two men, aged 29 and 30, known to the police for narcotics. The third victim is a 58-year-old holidaymaker. His spouse has been transferred to the hospital in a serious condition, but his vital prognosis is no longer engaged.
According to the first findings of the police, it would be a settlement of accounts on the background of drug trafficking. Two men are actively wanted by the police and have not been located on Monday.
Two different sockets were found on site, from automatic weapons. The investigation was entrusted to the judicial police of Toulon.
A flagrancy investigation opened after the shooting
This is the end of this live dedicated to the shooting occurred in Ollioules Sunday evening around 20:30. Three people died in what appears to be a settling of accounts against the backdrop of drug trafficking. A flagrant investigation was opened for “organized gang murder” and “criminal conspiracy”. The shooting was very numerous and reached a 58-year-old woman who was on vacation in the area with her husband. Catherine Santos was riding a scooter with her husband when she received a stray bullet. The other two victims were two young men aged 29 and 30, already known to the police.
Three Ollioules clans involved in drug trafficking
According to Bourgui, who lost his cousin in the shootings at Ollioules last night, there was a point of sale of drugs near the scene of the drama, reports Le Figaro. According to investigators, three clans would officiate in the city Berthe and fight over drug trafficking. To fight, Frédéric Piquel, deputy departmental secretary of the union Alliance National Police, “we need reinforcements in investigators.It is not the 22 staff promised in September as part of the police daily that will change the situation.
Ollioules in shock, traffic “coming back”
The town of Ollioules is in shock after the shooting occurred Sunday night when three people died. “I was at home, I heard the shots, I understood right away, when I went out, I saw the woman lying with people who were starting to take turns for heart massage.” where are we, there, we are in Syria? “, testifies a resident of the city in Figaro. The mayor, for his part, points out that drug trafficking has been “eradicated”, but that it is “coming back”. “I grew up in the city Berthe and in my day, we beat each other like men, we settled things like that, but there were no people who were touched like that for nothing,” he said. remembers the manager of the service station nearby.
After the shooting of Ollioules, other settling of account?
After the shooting that killed three people in Ollioules, in the Var, the fear of reprisals is felt. “There will inevitably be aftershocks in a week, a fortnight it depends on the time they take to rearm.It is not the idea of gang or something that could be akin to cinema. We are really on a war of territory: if you do not meet the expectations of the head of the network or the other team, they come directly to arms and this is where there is a problem, “says Frédéric Piquel, Deputy secretary of the police union Alliance in the department, interviewed by Franceinfo.
“An unimaginable combination of circumstances”
The emotion is high after the shooting that occurred in Ollioules Sunday night that took the lives of three people, including a woman of 57 years, Catherine Santos. For the boss of her husband, who was injured, the shock is immense. He remembers thinking about them by learning the information. “A couple, on a scooter, in Ollioules, I had thought about Philippe …” he breathed in. But I immediately told myself that they were probably not the only couple to ride on two wheels. It is frightful to say that they were at this precise place, at this precise moment.The probability is so small.It is a combination of circumstances unimaginable, “he told the Parisian.

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