Three French startups working for your holidays …


With or without heat, if the word holidays evokes in its Latin root the freedom, and especially the freedom to do nothing, many companies work in the shade for these moments of relaxation are successful. Here are three French startups that work for your holidays: Evaneos, Ditto Bank and Animaute who also do not forget the pet holidays.
Since 2009, Evaneos is the first platform that connects travelers and selected local agencies around the world. At the end of 2018, Evaneos raised 70 million Euros to boost the international development of this intermediation model, with the priority being the American market where its “tailor-made” offer would be a differentiator.
Today Evaneos serves 160 destinations via 1,300 local agencies, all selected for their expertise and approach to sustainable tourism. The company boasts 300,000 travelers and a community of 800,000 members.
Evaneos needs a large network of travel agency partners to grow, but the company that also acts as a trusted third party for payment remains selective to ensure the best travel experience for its members. Thus only 10% of candidates would be selected agencies . Evaneos also invests in data to help travelers discover original destinations and activities by combining the technology and expertise of local travel agents.
Ditto Bank
Ditto Bank is a mobile bank that targets travelers and expatriates by enabling the management of different currencies on a single platform. The first collaborator joined Ditto in July 2015, the first customer two years later in July 2017 on the beta version of the service, finally officially launched in February 2018.
Ditto, which now has 100 employees, is actually a member of Travelex Bank , which reports to the UK foreign exchange specialist Group Travelex. Sylvain Pignet, founder and former CEO of Ditto (until November 2018), was General Secretary of Travelex and relied on his expat experience between London and Paris to bring the Ditto project as an entrepreneur.
The new CEO of Ditto Bank since December 2018 is Mung Ki Woo , who previously worked at Mastercard, Omnyway and BPCE. Under his leadership, Ditto is now developing two activities, Ditto Bank and Ditto Services, a technology platform for digital banking services, which will be used by banks and third parties to provide their services under their own brand.
France holds the sad record in Europe of the number of abandoned animals , with 100,000 abandonments each year, a phenomenon that increases during the holidays with 60,000 abandoned during the summer. Since 2009, the company Animaute offers a solution to teachers who can not go on holiday with their pets: petsitting.
Created by a veterinarian in New Aquitaine (Charente), incubated by 50 Partners , Animaute received at the end of 2017 a financing of Limousin Business Angels , for an undisclosed amount. Animaute now has more than 155,000 petsitters and has also been able to develop Alforme the first animal rehabilitation center in France.
Animaute is not alone in this niche carrier, the market of the guard and the dog walk is particularly active with the multiplication of startups put in relation like Dog buddy, dog holidays, Gudog, Holidog, Rover, Wepetsitty or WoufWouf . What guarantee a great holiday for all four-legged companions.

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